Mexico's Independence Day

Independence of Mexico is one of the most important events in Mexico.

There is a period in history known as the War of Independence, which lasted 11 years, beginning at dawn on September 16, 1810 and ending on September 27, 1821. The main objective of this movement was to liberate Mexico from the Spanish and eliminate the concept of viceroyalties.

It began on September 16, 1810, when Father Miguel Hidalgo gave the so-called “Grito de Dolores”.

He called for a revolution.

Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla was a Mexican Catholic priest who called for a revolution against the Spanish on September 16, 1810.

Miguel Hidalgo

He is considered the "Father of the country"

Throughout the 11 years of struggle there were several people who left history through their participation in the search for freedom.

This is how it is important to name, in addition to the priest Miguel Hidalgo, to:

  • José María Morelos
  • Francisco Xavier Mina
  • Mier y Terán
  • Vicente Guerrero
  • Agustin de Iturbide

It was Agustin de Iturbide who finally on September 27, 1821 made the triumphal entry of the Trigarante Army together with Vicente Guerrero, who together began the joyous City of Mexico.

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